Black Zinc Plating: Improving Corrosion Resistance Mar24


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Black Zinc Plating: Improving Corrosion Resistance

Zinc is a corrosion-resistant, sacrificial coating, used to ensure the protection of the substrate from the destructive forces of the elements. At the same time, it provides the metal with an attractive appearance. Both qualities make it appealing to product manufacturers. However, for those producers who want to further enhance these features of their components, professionals often suggest one further step. This is black zinc plating.

What Is It?

Clearly, no such thing as black zinc exists. This is not what we are referring to when we mention the process. The actual procedure consists of two major steps:

  1. Apply a zinc coating to the surface of the substrate metal through electroplating – usually at a minimal thickness of .0002 inches
  2. Overlay the zinc plating with a black chromate conversion coating

The result is black zinc plating.

What It Does

While zinc is a reliable protective coating against corrosion and galling, the addition of a conversion coating of chromate provides another level of protection. In doing so, it further extends the life of the metal component or item. The plating process accomplishes two other things. It improves the ability of the part to allow paint adhesion, becoming an excellent paint primer. It also further enhances the component’s overall appearance – giving it an iridescent finish.

The material is easily applicable to a variety of metals including

  • Brass
  • Cast iron
  • Copper
  • Malleable iron
  • Steel

The only major issue is ensuring the extra thickness does not interfere with the viability of the component to operate. It can become an issue of the original part is close fitting.

Black Zinc Plating

Many electroplating companies offer customers superior service together with affordable options. The range is typically from high-quality zinc and zinc nickel plating to excellent black zinc plating. Contact a quality zinc metal plating company to learn more.

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