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Breaking Down the Components Represented in the “HVAC” Acronym

If you own or rent a place of your own, it’s likely you’ve heard the acronym “HVAC” thrown around quite a bit. What you may not know, however, is what each of the letters in this acronym stands for. These letters represent the different systems in your home that are designed to keep you comfortable. “H” stands for “heating,” “V” stands for “ventilation,” and “AC” stands for “air conditioning.” By taking a closer look at each of these components, you’ll be a better-informed renter or owner who is able to diagnose any issues you may face with greater confidence.


When the temperatures are chilly outside, you’ll be thankful for the “H” in HVAC in Jacksonville, FL. Heat can be produced through many different sources, including radiators and baseboard heaters. The most common heat source, however, is central heating. The heat for central heating is produced by blowing air over metal tubes heated either by gas-powered flames or electricity. This heated air is then forced through ducts that run throughout your home or apartment.


The “V” in HVAC, is the most often overlooked component of a typical system. However, it can be one of the most useful. You can run your HVAC system with both the air conditioning and the heat turned off. This allows the blower to run without changing the temperature of the air that it forces through the ducts. If you have windows open, this helps draw in the fresh air and circulate it throughout your home, hence the term “ventilation.”

Air Conditioning

On a hot summer day, there are no two letters more appealing than “AC.” An air conditioner works by forcing refrigerant through a long tube that runs both inside and outside your home. As the refrigerant travels through your home, it absorbs heat from the air as it changes from a liquid to a gas in the evaporator. This warm liquid is then sent outside where the compressor changes it back to a gas, allowing the heat to be released outside. The cooler air is then forced throughout your home or apartment, resulting in a pleasant temperature that you and your family can enjoy. If you have central HVAC in your Jacksonville, FL, home, you already know how much you love your AC on those hot summer days!

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