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Buying an Industrial LCD Display: How Are They Different?

LCD displays are used in the modern world for a variety of reasons. You may have seen large mounted screens outside shops and in shopping malls. They are primarily used for advertising different goods and announcing promotional campaigns started by a company. However, these LCD displays are not similar to the flat-screen TV that you have in your home. Instead, an industrial LCD display is equipped with a range of different features that you won’t find in ordinary television screens. Here are a few things that set industrial displays apart from ordinary screens.

Bigger Frame

Modern flat screen TVs have very thin frames and virtually non-existent bezels. However, this isn’t the case with industrial displays. Industrial displays are designed for rigorous use, and are generally packed in very big cases that are designed to withstand impact. Temperatures within a factory can rise very high, which is why most displays are packed properly to avoid overheating.

Display Screens

The screen of an industrial LCD display is fitted with ambient light sensors in order to adjust according to the environment. For instance, if the display is placed outside under the open sky, the light from the sun may make it difficult to see what’s on the screen. That’s why the display automatically adjusts the brightness depending upon the outdoor conditions. These aren’t features that you will find on ordinary screens. These displays also have a much higher contrast ratio, so that the pictures and text on the screen appear very clear.

Touch Screen

Even though they are designed for rough use, you may be surprised to know that most displays are now touch-screen enabled. You can make changes to the content on the screen, or swipe to the side if you want to switch what’s on the display!

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