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Calling on the Services of an Expert Arizona Ophthalmic Expert for Your Case

Social Security disability benefits are notoriously difficult to obtain. When you appear before the judge assigned to your case, you have to convince him or her that you are fatally or chronically ill or that you suffer from a serious health condition that prevents you from working.

While Social Security benefits are readily awarded to people with fatal illnesses like pulmonary fibrosis, it also tends to be given to people who are blind or going blind. You can prove to a judge that you have a condition that is robbing you of your vision by bringing an expert ophthalmology witness to your hearing.

Medical Testimony

If you and your lawyer were to try to explain your health condition to the judge, you could leave out key details that could otherwise win your case. The judge could believe that you have an illness that perhaps is not as serious as it really is or that it could reverse on its own and give you back your full ability to see.

The ophthalmology witness can tell the judge, however, that your vision will never get better and that you will get progressively blinder with each passing month or year. If you will eventually end up totally blind and unable to earn an income, this can impact the outcome of your case.

Based on the expert’s testimony, the judge could decide in your favor and start awarding you benefits right away. If your case has been ongoing for years, you also could get a settlement from the federal government.

You want to retain an expert who has handled dozens of cases just like yours. His experience can work to your favor when you are trying to win your Social Security disability case.

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