Can You Sublet a Student Apartment in Indiana During the Summer?

Most student apartments near Purdue University Campus offer a year-long contract that allows you to stay in your apartment during the summer and winter months. This is great if you want to stay in your apartment when the semester is over, but what if you planned on moving back home or taking a vacation? You don’t want to break your contract, but you don’t want to pay rent if you’re not going to be living there.

Can You Sublet Your Student Apartment During the Summer and Winter Months?

Some people sublet their apartments when they leave or go on vacation. That means that they rent out their apartment to another person who lives there and pays rent until they get back. However, this typically happens with traditional apartments. Is it possible to sublet a student apartment?

Ultimately, you’ll have to ask a staff member to see if subletting your apartment is possible. They might let you rent out your apartment, but it’s possible that they’ll want to keep the apartment limited to college students only. This protects everyone’s privacy and prevents members of the general public from barging in. If you’re thinking about subletting your apartment, always talk to a staff member first, even if you’re afraid that you won’t like their answer. You might get kicked out if they find another person living in your apartment.

For more information on student apartments near Purdue University campus, check out the Alight West Lafayette website. Reach out to a staff member if you have any questions.

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