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Carry Your Dry Bulk Goods Safely by Purchasing Covered Hopper Rail Cars

Grain, coal, clay, and sand are just a few types of materials that are transported daily by railway. When it comes to transporting dry goods, it is vital to ensure the products arrive at their destination in good condition. If the product is exposed to rain or other sources of water, the goods can be ruined and cost the company financially. That is why when you work with bulk dry goods, it is essential to have access to an adequate way to ship the merchandise. Covered hopper rail cars for sale provide the solution you require to ensure your load will arrive at the new destination in pristine condition.

Benefits of a Covered Hopper

  • They provide an adequate way to keep your goods dry by providing a covered top to prevent water from entering the rail car.
  • Beneficial for trains that will be traveling a long distance and through different types of environments.
  • Covered hopper rail cars for sale are loaded from the top of the car to allow for easy filling.
  • Through hatches or pneumatic gates are used to unload, that allow gravity to assist in removing the dry goods from the car.
  • From small to large, they come in various sizes to fit your specific needs.

Leasing Makes Buying an Affordable Option

When you require covered hopper rail cars to safely transport your goods, you want to have access to reliable rail cars. However, depending on the size of your company can affect your ability to purchase the correct number of cars to fit your organization’s needs. At Everest Railcar Services, Inc., they offer leasing options to assist you in finding an affordable solution to obtaining the amount of rail cars your company requires. They work with each client to ensure they can meet their demands when they need to transport dry goods without exposing them to the elements.

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