Cat Condos in Phoenix, MD Are Purr-fect Lodgings

Would you like to go on vacation but do not know who can look after your cat? If so, you can find an answer if you see your vet. Some veterinarian practices offer extended care to both cats and dogs. Therefore, pet boarding services makes it possible for a dog or cat owner to have their pet looked after while they are away from home.

Immediate Access to Medical Care

If you choose to house your cat in a pet boarding facility that is part of a veterinarian clinic, all the better. That way, you can have your cat treated in case it gets sick. In fact, your cat will have immediate access to medical care. Therefore, you can ensure both the health and comfort of your cat. For example, cat condos in Phoenix, MD are featured for felines at extended care sites.

Cats are separated from dogs who are housed in cages that are sized accordingly. Cats stay in cat condos that also feature separate feeding, sleeping, and litter areas. Each condo features a perching shelf and a box in which the cat can snuggle. Cats, as well as dogs, are provided with blankets and enjoy a temperate indoor environment.

One Go-To Source

If you choose a veterinarian practice that provides cat condos for pet boarding purposes, you only have to go-to once source for your pet boarding or vet care needs. The same facility also provides pet grooming and dog training services. Therefore, both dog and cat owners can enjoy amenities that will make it easier for them to take care of their beloved pets.

Would you like to know more about pet boarding at a full-service veterinarian facility? If so, you will not have to go far. Simply go online and check out a website such as By reviewing the site, you can learn more about the pet boarding process and some of the benefits that come with it.

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