Categories of Medical Supplies

A medical condition can be temporary or permanent. Many patients are sent home to manage the condition themselves or have their family members assist in the management of the medical condition.

Medical supplies from Tyler, Tx are used to help patients treat and manage their medical conditions. These medical supplies can be as straightforward as cotton, gauze, bandages, walkers, chair lifts, bed railings, and more. While others may be something a little more unusual, whatever the condition, most medical supplies can be delivered straight to the patient’s front door.

Home medical supplies are commonly grouped in different categories.

Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment is often referred to as DME. The “durable” part of DME means that the equipment or supplies can be used repeatedly in your home. It is by far the most used category for home medical supplies. DME includes walkers, bath safety equipment, wheelchairs, hospital beds, oxygen equipment, crutches, blood testing strips and lancets, CPAP machines, and more.

This category of equipment is relied upon by the patient to keep them safe and comfortable.

The equipment used for DME undergoes strict testing to ensure it is up to code with load requirements, non-slip testing, and other safety measures.

Self Care

Self car devices are medical devices that patients use on in their daily life. These can be hearing aids, mobility aids such as walkers, and diabetes testing supplies.


Diagnostic devices are typically used in a doctor’s office. These are devices that measure


Surgical medical supplies are used in surgical settings in hospitals and clinics. These include stainless steel tools, disposable items, caps, gowns, gauze, drapes, and other items.

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