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Choosing the Corporate Event Space in Rochester that Impresses

Throwing a memorable corporate event starts with choosing the corporate event space in Rochester that impresses. The right space is critical to an unforgettable event. Choosing the right corporate event space in Rochester is easy when you know which space is ideal.

Choosing the Space

There are a few things that make an event space ideal for corporate events:

  1. The size of the space
  2. The styling of the space
  3. The convenience of the location

Choose the Size

How many people will the space need to accommodate? This is the first question you should ask yourself when planning a corporate event. You want your guests to be comfortable whether it is a small intimate gathering, or it is a large gathering. The right sized space is critical.

The Styling

The right venue will be stylized to convey your businesses attitude. It will be thoughtfully laid out to accommodate your guests comfortably and highlight your event. Having a space that is stylish, clean and well-laid out provides the perfect backdrop to your event.

Convenient Location

It is important that you consider location and the ease in which it can be reached by your guests. The perfect location that offers ample parking will start the event off right. Your guests will appreciate an easy to reach location.

The Venue

Arbor Venues has the ideal venue for your corporate event. With two locations to choose from, Arbor Venues has the perfect location for your next corporate event. Plan for up to 500 guests at the Loft and up to 350 people at the Port. Great options that are stylized to create an atmosphere that is impressive. Learn more about the options that are available to make your next corporate event an unforgettable event.

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