Choosing the Right Paint Roller for the Job Makes Painting Easy Apr23


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Choosing the Right Paint Roller for the Job Makes Painting Easy

A paint roller can make any painting job go fast and easy. From painting interior to exterior walls, rollers are the best way to get the job done. However, first, you’ll need to choose the right paint roller for the job. Some paint rollers have a thick, fluffy nap, and others, such as a foam or microfiber paint rollers are quite smooth. The nap of your roller depends on the surface you plan to cover.

Rough surfaces, such as a stucco or brick exterior wall, require a paint roller with a thick, fluffy nap. That thickness will get the paint deep into every crevice. Not only that, but a thick nap also will longer and resist getting torn by the rough surface.

A medium nap roller works well on surfaces such as a ceiling or on drywall. The job will go quickly and get enough paint on a thirsty surface to provide good coverage.

Walls, wood, and metal need a roller with a low nap for a smooth finish. Foam rollers or rollers with a 1/4″ nap work well. For an ultra-fine finish, try using a white woven short nap roller.

Microfiber paint rollers are excellent for moderately textured surfaces.

You can also create different textures using a paint roller. For example, using a thick, fluffy roller on a smooth wall will produce a textured, orange peel effect. A paint roller is a perfect tool for painting large surfaces, and it’s up to you to decide which one is right for the job at hand.

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