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Common Alloys and Quality Indicators of Aluminum Bar

High quality aluminum bar, whether flat, round or square, is in high demand from milling center and machining experts around the world. It’s because they are able to produce mechanical designs that are very lightweight, strong, with corrosion-resistant finishes and an overall attractive appearance.

About 6061 Alloy
6061 is one of the most common aluminum alloys for general-purpose use. It is an age-hardening aluminum alloy, with magnesium and silicon as the major alloying elements. Developed in 1935 (when it was Alloy 61S) it has high weld-ability and good mechanical properties. It can be welded using either tungsten inert gas welding or metal inert gas welding. Strength post-weld can be restored through natural aging.

6061 alloy aluminum bar is used to make homebuilt aircraft fuselages and wings, yachts and utility boats, aluminum cans, scuba tanks and automotive parts. It is also the alloy used in many bicycle frames, firearm sound suppressors and even fly fishing reels.

About 6082 Alloy
6082 aluminum alloy, along with 6061, is one of the most popular alloys. American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM) doesn’t feature 6082 as strongly as 6061 and some others in the series. 6082 is usually formed through extrusion and rolling, and is often heat-treated for tempers with greater strength and lower ductility.

Manifold Quality Bar
You will often see “manifold quality” in relation to some aluminum bar products. Don’t be confused by what this is about. “Manifold” simply means “many”, “varied”, “in many ways”. So a manifold quality aluminum bar will have a variety of applicable uses.

Acc-u-bar Aluminum Bar
One high quality brand is Sapa’s Acc-u-bar. It is an extruded aluminum product designed for high-speed machining. It offers improved straightness, very tight tolerances, and high minimum mechanical properties for a superior quality product. Typical uses for Acc-u-bar include telecommunication electronics, machinery and equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic manifold, fixturing devices and more. Acc-u-bar is produced in both 6061 and 6082 alloys, and helps keep costs low through reduced set-up time, a reduction in machining forces, and faster cleanup.

Flat, Rectangular, or Round Bar
Flat, square or round bar stock is commonly available in standard lengths of 12 feet, but can be custom produced as needed. Good quality stock offers tolerances as close as +/- .005.

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