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Common Consumer Products That Typically Require Lead Ballast Weights

Lead ballast weights are used for weight distribution purposes. Composed of pure lead, they are often available in various sizes, from that required for a round of ammunition of have the correct trajectory to the amount needed to keep ships afloat. Here are some common, everyday products where ballast weights are almost universally utilized by manufacturers.

Passenger Cars

The automobile industry is one of the major purchasers of these weights. They’re commonly used to increase the potential speed of a vehicle by consumers and racers. They’re particularly attractive for this purpose since it’s easy to add and remove them as needed. As many racing organizations require cars in them to be of a minimum weight, they can be used to get a car to that weight without affecting its appearance.

Exercise Weights

While some weights use sand or another cheaper material in them, not all consumer weights, such as kettle bells, are able to take advantage of those. This is because sand and dirt often take up more space than the weight can fit for higher-caliber weights. Best lead ballast weights can be used to compactly increase the weight; this is why gyms can have very small kettle bells that weigh in excess of eighty pounds.

Other exercise equipment uses ballast weights for similar purposes. For example, they are often used in rowing machines to allow the user to alter resistance levels without adding much bulk. Since it’s the heaviest known pure metal, it’s a go-to for any item that needs to save physical space in this and other industries.

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