Common Symptoms of and Treatment Options for Neuropathy in Surprise, AZ Nov18


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Common Symptoms of and Treatment Options for Neuropathy in Surprise, AZ

Individuals who have recently been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy often have questions about it and the treatments that are available. Looking for neuropathy near me is essential if you want to live a healthy and normal life. Be sure to communicate all your questions, needs, and concerns with your doctor.

Individuals who are dealing with peripheral neuropathy experience nerve pain in their feet, hands, and legs. It could be muscle cramps, a burning sensation, or a tingling sensation. Some individuals are not able to control the movement of their hands or feet. Each case of peripheral neuropathy is different.

Some who experience peripheral neuropathy notice that their symptoms come and go. One day they will have nerve pain and then the next it will disappear. Not long after that, the pain will reappear even worse than the days before. This is called progressive polyneuropathy. It is common for individuals with this type of neuropathy to notice an increase in pain levels and burning sensations when their activity levels increase.

If you look for neuropathy near me, you will find that treatments vary. Your doctor will assess your individual case and try to figure out what is causing the nerve damage. The next step is trying to relieve immediate symptoms. The doctor may recommend an antidepressant along with a pain relief medication. Other options that can be beneficial include hormone replacement vitamin supplements.

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