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Companionship Is Important at All Stages of Life

Friendship and companionship are important to people of all ages, but it can be especially important to senior adults. Those that are older can suffer from loneliness stemming from various reasons. They may live alone because they have already lost their spouse or partner, and the rest of their family may live hundreds of miles away. Mobility issues can cause seniors to stay in the house and not get out and around other people.

Polls have shown that more than half of the elderly population struggles with loneliness. That is why companionship care in Georgetown, DE is so important. The care companion can help keep your elderly loved one from feeling so isolated and alone.

Companionship: a Definition

The feeling of friendship or fellowship is the definition of companionship. The sense of togetherness or the vital connection that is needed by all humans can be provided by a companionship care service. The service provider can go to your loved one’s Georgetown, DE home and offer your loved one a friendly conversation or encourage them to get out in the community. Companionship care is separate from other types of home healthcare. The focus is solely on providing conversation, activities, assistance attending social events, and companionship when visiting public places.

A companionship care provider can get your loved one out in the Georgetown, DE community, whether that means trips to the grocery store or a stroll through the park. The dedicated one-on-one conversation time can be stimulating and even help prevent some symptoms of depression.

Capital City Nurses

At Capital City Nurses, we understand the importance of companionship, which is why we have been providing companionship care services in Georgetown, DE and beyond since 1976. The company was founded by an RN that understood the difficulties families face when they are tasked with taking care of an aging family member. It can be difficult for all members involved when jobs and other obligations get in the way.

Capital City Nurses provides extensive training programs to make sure that any team member that is hired has the right attitude and frame of mind to be a quality companionship provider. If you would like to know more about our companionship care program in Georgetown, DE, please contact our office at 866-807-7303. We can discuss the needs of your family and create the right program for you.

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