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Components Produced By Spinal Implant Manufacturers

The possibility for spinal implant devices that can relieve pain, help people to regain the ability to walk or move and to have stability when walking again is greater than ever. With this research comes increasing demands on spinal implant manufacturers to work to tolerances and to specifications that were not even considered just a decade ago.

With current technology, including EDM services, spinal implant manufacturers are able to match and exceed the demands for these types of medical devices. With specialized processes that allow extremely complex shapes to be made perfectly through CNC EDM equipment, it is now possible to manufacture a full range of devices that fall into different groups.

Pedicle Screws

Some of the most important components are what may seem to be the most basic. Pedicle screws are used to create anchors to the vertebrae, typically in the lumbar or lower back area, but also in the thoracic or middle back as well. These screws anchor the rods that will provide support and allow the spine to have structure after spinal fusion.

The screws are connected to rods, another specialized component that is made by spinal implant manufacturers. These rods will use specialized hooks to attach to the pedicle screws, all which need to be made with precision and accuracy.


Plates are specially designed, often of titanium or a titanium alloy to match the spine and to provide a solid support for the cervical spine area. These are not the same as a brace and they can be adjusted over time and as required.

Interbody Cages

Interbody cages are implants positioned between the vertebrae. They are hollow tube-like implants with multiple holes around the sides. This allows the metal component to provide a cage for the missing vertebra to restore the normal spine position. The cage or the hollow interior may be infused with bone graft to promote bone growth that further holds the implant in place.

Researchers and medical equipment companies work closely with spinal implant manufacturers to create these detailed and highly specialized types of devices. While the medical device company has the concept, it is up to the professionals offering EDM (electrical discharge machining) and other machining services to produce the parts to very tight tolerances and standard specifications for the medical device industry.

This partnership ensures that every spinal implant meets all standards for patient and device safety. With these remarkable devices in place, patients can regain their independence, mobility and lead a life without the chronic pain that is such as part of back trauma, disease and deformations.

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