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Consider the Benefits of Consulting with a Rheumatologist in Schaumburg, IL

There are certain health conditions that should be treated by a medical specialist. This includes diseases and ailments affecting the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints like osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis among many others. Consider all of the many compelling benefits that consulting a rheumatologist in Schaumburg, IL, can offer.

What Are Some of the Inflammatory Disorders That Rheumatologists Treat?

Rheumatologists are internal medicine doctors that have advanced training to treat certain inflammatory disorders that impact a patient’s bones, joints and muscles. They also treat certain conditions that impact the softer structures in these areas like ligaments and tendons that lie close to the bones, muscles and joint regions.

Common Symptoms That Could Indicate a Need for a Rheumatologist

Some symptoms that could indicate a person needs to consult a rheumatologist from Schaumburg, IL, include joint, bone or muscle stiffness, pain or limited motion. Muscle spasms are also associated with autoimmune problems like fibromyalgia, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Related symptoms include insomnia, daytime fatigue, lack of mental focus along with swelling in the ankles, feet, hands, wrists, shoulders and knees. Certain skin rashes are often seen with autoimmune-related disorders like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

What Are Some of the Treatments That Rheumatologists Can Do?

As autoimmune problems are often present in many of the disorders that rheumatologists treat, rheumatologists often prescribe autoimmune suppressive medications to dial back the body’s anti-inflammatory response that leads to symptoms. Contact Internal Medicine Doctor Ashish Patel MD Internist and Lipidologist at https://www.horizonmedicalcenter.net.

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