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Considering Options for a Weddings Reception Hall in Houston, TX

Getting married is a joyous event, and one that many couples want to share with their loved ones. Along with finding the right setting for the ceremony, there is the need to secure space for a reception. Here are some tips that will make it easier to find a Weddings Reception Hall in Houston TX, that is perfect for the occasion.

The Number of Guests

One of the first points to ponder with any Weddings Reception Hall in Houston TX is whether it is large enough to accommodate all the guests. Think of how many friends and family members will attend the event. Does the hall have enough room to set up a reception line, lay out all the tables for food and drink, and also have space set aside for the two cakes? Remember, there also has to be room for the guests to sit down and enjoy the reception. That means space for tables and chairs.

Even if the music is provided by a DJ instead of a live band, the professional will need space to set up equipment. There also needs to be an open space for everyone to get up and dance. Keep in mind a professional planner will take all these elements into consideration and can help find a hall that is large enough for the event.

The Kitchen and Other Essentials

The amount of space in the hall is not the only consideration. How about a place set aside for food preparation? While the caterer will have much of the work done before the food is transported to the reception hall, there is still the need to warm dishes and arrange platters for presentation. The punch must also be mixed and replenished from time to time. Make sure the kitchen adjacent to the hall will have plenty of space for the caterers and servers to keep the food tables stocked at all times.

Make sure there are plenty of electrical outlets in the hall. They will come in handy for keeping warmer and chafing dishes working properly and also provide the current needed for the music. It also helps to make sure the lighting in the space will be enough to keep the atmosphere happy even if it happens to be storming outside.

For the upcoming reception, visit La Fontaine Reception Hall today. After one look, there will be no need to consider any other facility.

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