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Considering Safes for Important Documents, Buy Fire-and-Water-Resistant Models

Most homeowners acquire a variety of documentation that proves who they are or that they’ve filed taxes. Passports, birth certificates, and medical records should be kept in a safe place, as well as tax information for the past five to seven years as required by law. While almost everything can be found online and replaced, it makes sense to keep these documents safe. Safes are designed to be lockable and even mounted so that they can’t be removed from the property. However, it’s essential that they are fire-and-water-resistant to protect the items inside during floods or fires.


You’ll find a variety of sizes available from most manufacturers, which means you’ll have enough room to store everything. However, you can also choose multiple small safes throughout the house to ensure that everything isn’t in one place.

Locking Mechanism

You’ll find many locking options as well such as digital locks and traditional-spin locks. You can choose the one that best fits your needs. For example, most people prefer digital locks because there’s less chance to make a mistake. However, the spin-wheel versions can make it harder for thieves to guess your code.

Other Features

While you may be more focused on the look and style of the safe, it is essential that it can resist flames and flooding. Fire-and-water-resistant options mean that the contents inside will stay safe for up to an hour when flames are present, and temperatures get up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit. Some products can also be submerged in liquid and keep the contents dry, though not for extended periods of time.

Keeping your documents protected with safes is one of the best options possible. Visit First Alert online to find a variety of fire and water resistant safes options today.

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