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Contact A Caring Veterinary Hospital In Clifton VA

The best way to have a healthy pet is by visiting a Veterinary Hospital in Clifton VA. A caring vet will offer all the services a pet needs. They understand the importance of preventative care and provide a surgery center with all the latest equipment.

It is just as important for a pet to visit a doctor as it is for a human to do so. Preventative medication can eliminate fleas, ticks, the threat of heartworm, and many other diseases or conditions that can affect a pet. Early detection of diseases will help the vet determine the best course of action so the pet lives as long as possible.


Another benefit a caring vet offers is boarding. Although pets are welcome in many locations, there are times an owner cannot travel with a pet. A pet will feel more comfortable when they are boarded at the same facility where they receive medical treatment. An owner can feel at ease when their pet is in a boarding facility with a caring staff. A quality boarding facility is safer for a pet than being taken care of by friends or family.

A boarding facility should have individual indoor kennels that have a constant temperature of 72 degrees. The dog should be able to go for three walks per day and have beautiful enclosed yards for social interaction and free exercise. The pet’s diet will be meat and rice that will help to keep them calm, and the boarding area will have an on-site vet in case the pet becomes ill.

Lab Testing

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for results of X-rays to be returned from another location. Blood tests can often provide a lot of information about a pet’s condition, and a Veterinary Hospital in Clifton VA should provide on-site testing and results. This can ease a lot of stress for the pet and its owner. Early detection is the best way to help a pet heal.

If you have a pet that needs wellness exams, vaccinations, pest or parasite control, spaying, neutering, dental care, pain management, or orthopedic surgery, contact Crosspointe Animal Hospital. They have years of experience providing outstanding services for pets. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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