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Covered Patios Can Increase the Resale Value of Orange Park Homes

The proliferation of home renovation cable shows has given homeowners around the world the desire to have outdoor living spaces. In fact, a mind-boggling 98 percent of American home buyers now seek outdoor rooms, kitchens, and outdoor entertaining spaces.

Patio installation isn’t expensive compared to other outdoor features and has a high return on investment. Read on to learn in what ways a screen porch installation in Orange Park lives up to this investment.

Since some Florida areas don’t experience much cold weather, outdoor living is at a premium. Rain and storm conditions pose a problem, however. A covered patio made of strong materials that stand up well to high winds and lashing rains could possibly return up to 75 percent of your investment.

There’s nothing quite like preparing to bite into an incredible dinner only to find yourself nose to nose with a beady-eyed bug coveting your food. Mosquitoes are also a fact of life, but they make life difficult to enjoy outdoors. Evict bugs with a porch cover made of the finest mesh and tightest construction so that they can’t get through.

Size Matters
Patios add value to a home. Homeowners wishing for an eye-catching outdoor living area should concentrate on the size of the patio. Extending an existing patio to make a larger outdoor space adds extra square footage to the house, which can mean more to a potential buyer in addition to the family’s enjoyment. Screen porch installation in Orange Park can be configured to cover a space of almost any size.

The View
Homeowners wishing for a covered patio while still being able to enjoy the view from their back yard needn’t fear. Screen patio covers allow homeowners to enjoy their outdoor room and still see nearby water features like a lake or river and the woods without obstacle.

Contact Screenworks Inc at https://screenworksjax.com to learn more about screened porch covers and their return on investment.

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