Craft Brewery Equipment: Getting It Right Oct26


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Craft Brewery Equipment: Getting It Right

Setting up a brewery is a matter that requires in depth planning. Anyone starting up a craft or other type of brewery needs to approach cautiously the purchase of the brewhouse and its equipment. In particular, the choice of craft brewery equipment demands exercising great care. To avoid costly errors, it is essential to get it right the first time.

Basic Steps

Before purchasing any equipment, be sure to have a solid business plan in place. This strategy takes into consideration various areas of operational components, including equipment. In particular, it should contain specifics on:

  • Types of equipment required: This is divided into three basic areas for consideration:

* Craft brewery equipment that is essential
* Equipment that is optional
* Equipment that falls in between

  • Space: How much floor or other space does each piece of equipment demand? How large are your premises? The two must be compatible.
  • Level of technology: What is essential to function efficiently and profitably?
  • Production factors: This includes intended production levels and future hopes. The equipment must be able to address both needs

Above all, it is important to formulate your plans for your brewery within the often tight-restrictions of your budget. To overextend yourself and your brewery at this point of time can prove to be disastrous for everyone involved.

Buying Craft Brewery Equipment

While you may be in a rush to put your plans into place, it is important to approach the matter with caution. Never rush into purchasing your brewing equipment. It is important you take the time to ask the right questions. You need to cement a proper business plan based on the intent of your brewery in harmony with your budget. Above all, choose the craft brewery equipment with care. To be successful, you need to get this part of the process right the first time.

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