Create a Variety of Effects With New Hotel Wallpaper in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The installation of hotel wallpaper in Ft. Lauderdale FL can be part of a renovation project for the guest rooms and the common areas. New wallpaper might be used to cover paneling or painted drywall, or it may replace old, faded wallpaper that should be removed. A broad range of options is available to help owners of these establishments create the atmosphere they want to achieve.


Some hoteliers prefer to have neutral colors for the walls in common areas and guest rooms. Others decide to make major modifications using hotel wallpaper in Ft. Lauderdale FL to create an intriguing environment for the guests. They might choose textured paper in brighter colors, conveying the feeling of the Florida coastline and sunny blue sky. Some wallpaper gives the effect of an abstract watercolor painting, for example.

In general, high-traffic areas like the lobby and hallways should have a different look for the walls than the guest rooms do. More noticeable textures and patterns can be desirable there. Anyone who wants to start getting ideas may visit at their earliest convenience.

Considering the Flooring and Wallpaper Combination

The combination of wallpaper and flooring can bring relaxing visual effects in all parts of the hotel. Some areas might benefit from a more stimulating effect. If the hotel has an area near the bar for dancing to a d.j. or a band, bolder colors and lively patterns may be in order. An entirely different look will be wanted for an elegant banquet hall where customers hold events like wedding receptions and 50th wedding anniversary parties.

A Marketing Strategy

One good marketing strategy being used by some hotels is to have distinctive wallpaper and to also sell products using the same design with the hotel’s name. Guests might buy t-shirts and hats in this style, for instance. If the establishment has a restaurant and bar, that expands the marketing opportunity to people who like to eat and drink there but aren’t staying at the hotel. Restaurants in lodging establishments commonly are appealing to local residents because the food and service quality is reliable and consistent.

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