Custom Cabinets for The Southern Kitchen

Fitting cabinetry is essential for any home with southern charm, especially in the kitchen! What’s a home in the South without a perfect place to cook all that lovely comfort food? By optimizing fixtures, finishings, and well-designed storage solutions, you can turn your kitchen into a true piece of southern heaven. For the more difficult spaces, consider custom built-in cabinets in your Northern Virginia home.

What’s In A Door?

You might be surprised at how much cabinet doors can change the way that a kitchen is viewed in a glance! If you are pondering an update to your kitchen in order to create your dream Appalachian kitchen, the following are a few types of cabinet doors that may inspire you.

  • Glass doors, especially when paired with a rustic white finish, can add brightness and openness to even the smallest kitchen. These are particularly useful if you are hoping to show off your collection of knick-knacks or unique table settings.

  • Flat-panel doors can evoke remembrances of a simpler and more comfortable time. A simple slab of wood serving as your cabinet doors can help to divert attention to other fixtures in your kitchen, or this unadorned design can help to showcase a unique type of recycled wood.

  • Raised panel doors allow for a little more decoration—the frame doesn’t have to be elaborate in order to bring more character and depth to your kitchen cabinet doors.

  • With the option to have custom built-in cabinets in Northern Virginia designed just for you, don’t be afraid to take advantage of unique materials! By utilizing fabrics, wire mesh, or exotically shaped doors that extend beyond the width and height of your cabinet space, you can create for yourself a one-of-a-kind kitchen.

The Old Dominion Cabinet Maker understands that the sky’s the limit when it comes to custom cabinets, so don’t wait any longer to make your dreams become a reality! Comfort food, here we come.

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