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Custom Electric Gates in Orlando

When you are looking for the best electric gates in Orlando, you may have already considered all the benefits they will provide your home. Electric gates are a physical barrier that can prevent unwanted visitors, animals, and people. Do cars turn around in your driveway too often? Are you looking for an electric gate to compliment your previously installed fence? Whatever the reason why you have chosen to install an electric gate, you will want to choose a trusted manufacturer such as Big Woody’s Fence.

Trusted Manufacturers

A trusted manufacturer has years of experience helping customers choose the right electric gate for their home. Electric gates in Orlando are built very differently. You can take a peek at the neighbors or drive around a residential neighborhood to see what style of electric gate you like. The best electric gate manufacturer will listen to your wants and needs before providing suggestions on which gate is best. They will not try to upsell you on a product that you do not need.

The Perks

Electric gates can be wired into your home’s alarm system. When someone attempts to break through the gate, it will trigger the alarm system. Electric gates almost always include automatic opening and closing features so you do not have to get out of your car to drive in or out of the driveway.

The newer electric gates may also feature cameras. The cameras are very helpful. While an alarm will alert you that someone is trying to enter, a camera will provide you with live footage of the person. The footage can also be saved on the cloud or directly to your electronic device such as your mobile phone.

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