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Cyber Security on Long Island

In the last few decades, technology has become integral to just about every aspect of every business. Technology is behind every email system, just as it is behind financial transactions and professional networking. As much as technology has made for increased business efficiency, it has also allowed others to threaten or even compromise your business. Never before has cyber security on Long Island been so important.

Although there is a natural tendency to think that only “big business” has to be concerned about cyber security, this is a fallacy. All businesses, regardless of size, are at risk of a cyber security attack. Surveys have been taken, and nearly half of the companies that responded reported cyber security breaches or attacks. These attacks have been very disruptive. The companies reported the loss of files, system corruption, as well as the loss of intellectual property assets. The monetary loss associated with a data breach can be significant. It can be even more of a problem in sensitive industries where a cyber-attack can shake the faith clients have in their suppliers. The Intrinsic Technology Group provides cyber security solutions to small and medium-size businesses.

No business with an online presence, regardless of size, is immune to a cyber attack. The implications of such an attack can be devastating. Today, all businesses, small and large, need to invest in IT support and advanced cyber security measures. Such measures include effective firewalls, encrypted connections, and protection from data leaks and ransomware threats. Data must be backed up regularly. Regular data backup reduces the risk considerably of data loss as well as a complete loss of data should the system fail or a hacker takes over. When businesses are fully aware of the seriousness of the implications, they can deal effectively with the threat of a cyber attack.

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