DC Power Supply Protection Guide for AC Power Users in West Nyack Nov26


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DC Power Supply Protection Guide for AC Power Users in West Nyack

If you mainly work with AC power sources, you’ll benefit from learning about DC alternatives. All DC power supplies have components that prevent circuity damage. If you understand the basics, you’ll have no problems picking a proper power source that suits your level of protection.

The Importance of a Fuse

A fuse is designed to protect a power supply during key situations. If a load-path suddenly short circuits, a fuse will protect a power supply. A fuse will also serve as a defensive shield whenever an appliance pulls too much power. In many cases, a fuse is generally a second backup source of protection against power surges since most power supplies already have defensive features.

UVLO Breakdown

DC to DC converters is designed with UVLO hardware. UVLO stands for Undervoltage Lockout, and it serves one purpose. It prevents a converter from operating while the input voltage is extremely low.

OVP Breakdown

OVP stands for Overvoltage Protection. It protects a DC converter that provides a fixed DC output. DC converters and supplies need Overvoltage Protection because it can stop an internal failure whenever voltage levels suddenly rise.

Thermal Overload Protection

Most power supplies aren’t 100 percent efficient. As a result, they will produce some degree of heat. For example, a highly efficient 100-watt power supply will still dissipate about 10 watts. This is why big DC power supply manufacturers design power sources with some sort of active cooling solution.

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