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Dealing with a Traffic Stop Before Contacting a Drug Possession Lawyer in Torrance, CA

Being stopped for a traffic violation is bad enough, but a simple stop by the police could turn into an arrest if the police discover anyone in the vehicle to be in possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia. It doesn’t even have to be the driver of the vehicle. It could be a friend they’re giving a ride to that has the drugs in the vehicle. The driver may still need to hire a drug possession lawyer in Torrance, CA to help them avoid a criminal charge.

Do Not Say More Than Necessary

Anything a person says to the police officers or where the officers can hear them talking can be used against them in court. Those in the vehicle will need to state their names for the officer, but everyone should avoid answering other questions. Even if a person thinks they are helping their case, it could end up making the entire situation worse.

Do Not Consent to a Search of the Vehicle

Police officers ask for permission to search the vehicle because this is the easiest way to prove it was a legal search. If they’re not given permission, they will need to prove they had reasonable cause to search the vehicle, which can be difficult to do in court. If they don’t have permission or reasonable cause, anything they find might be excluded from evidence.

Contact a Lawyer Quickly

If someone in the vehicle is arrested and charged with drug possession, they need to contact a lawyer quickly. The lawyer may be able to help prove the drugs were not theirs by showing the drugs belonged to someone else or help dismiss the evidence so there isn’t enough for a conviction.

If you’ve been arrested for drug possession because of a traffic stop, make sure you contact a drug possession lawyer in Torrance, CA right away. This is especially important if you were the driver and a passenger brought drugs into your vehicle, as you could end up with a criminal charge because of their actions. Visit the website of Shook & Associates Inc today to learn more about how a lawyer can help you.

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