Dental Implant Aftercare in Salem, OR

Getting dental implants Salem OR is extremely exciting. You’re getting brand new teeth that will help give you an amazing new smile. Once the dental implants surgery is done, you’re not finished yet. The next part of the process is the aftercare. Taking care of your implants after they’ve been installed is vital to you getting the absolute best results. Following are some tips to keep in mind for dental implant aftercare.

Everyone’s Recovery Time is Different

Your dental implants surgery recovery time is going to differ from the next person’s. Ultimate recovery time will depend on things like the number of teeth you had extracted and implanted, the health of your mouth and bones prior to surgery, and whether you had to get bone grafting done during the surgery.

Eat Carefully the First Few Weeks

You have to be extremely careful with what you eat immediately following your dental implant surgery. Treat your new teeth gingerly and carefully, eating very soft foods for seven to 30 days afterwards. If your surgery was complex, your oral surgeon may require that you eat soft foods for even longer. You also need to avoid eating or drinking very hot foods after surgery, and alcohol is off limits.

Don’t Fear the Swelling

There will be swelling after your procedure as your body begins its healing process. If you had bone grafting, the swelling will most likely be even more severe. Swelling usually shows up three to four days after surgery and begins to subside about a week after that.

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