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Design and Uses of the Universal Twin Screw Pump in Wisconsin and Minnesota

Sanitary processing is enabled to a great degree by the Universal twin screw pump. The pumps consist of precisely-manufactured screws that interlock but don’t come into direct contact.

The pumps include a pump housing for the two matching screws, which can be mounted easily without the need to us gear reducers or other equipment. The pump design as a whole permits flow in both directions through the pump. These designs also serve as Clean in Place pumps, or CIP, that bypass the need for an extra pump to run the system.

Screw pitches can also be modified, including narrow, medium and wide, to adapt the pump to use in different media.

Low Inherent Pulsation

Pulsation is very limited in the operation of Universal twin screw pump. A correct pump size in combination with matching in-place screw pitch will be able to effectively remove pulsation in any kind of sanitary process.

The pumps are also optimal for media with larger solids, which is imperative in instances of food and dairy processing.

Run Dry Capable

An added feature with these kinds of pumps is the ability to run dry without experiencing damage to any of the components. This attribute permits the pumps to run indefinitely while dry, which is a valid concern under many circumstances.

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