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Detecting Issues With Your Heart by Having a PET Scan in California

When your doctor is unable to pinpoint the exact nature of your health condition with traditional tests, a PET scan could be ordered. The preparation for the scan is usually simple, and results are often available within a few days so that you can begin any necessary treatments based on the findings.

Reasons Performed

There are several reasons why a cardiac PET scan in California is performed. One is to determine the cause of an irregular heartbeat. Your doctor might want to see if there are any blockages in or near your heart. If you’ve been experiencing any pain or feelings of tightness in your chest, then this type of scan might be ordered to determine if you’ve had a heart attack or if you’re at risk for one.


Most of the time, you’ll just need to show up at the hospital or office for a cardiac PET scan in California. You might not be able to eat for a few hours before the scan or take certain medications, details that your doctor will go over with you before your appointment. A nurse will give you instructions as to how to position yourself during the scan for the best results.

The Procedure

Once you’re comfortable, an IV is started so that dye can be administered. After about an hour, the scan is performed. You’ll be on a long table and connected to the machine that takes images of your heart and vessels in your body. Once the scan is over, you’re usually able to go home and wait until your doctor gives you the results of the scan.

Contact Cardiac Imaging, Inc. for more information about what to expect during a PET scan.

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