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Determining How Much Your Comic Book is Worth

Comic book collecting has become a popular hobby. They have always been a sought-after item among certain circles, but the interest has increased with the trend of superhero movies and TV shows. If you are new to collecting, you may be wondering how the price of a comic book is determined. The following are a few of the top things that a collector is looking for.

Copies Printed

The fewer copies that were printed of a particular comic book, the rarer they are. Add to this the fact that many comic books are enjoyed by children and then later thrown away. The most expensive comics are often the rarest.


Books from what collectors call the Golden Age are worth the most money. These comics are at least 80 years old. New comic books are not worth a lot unless they happen to be a hot book. A hot book is one that sells out fast but has not been reprinted yet.

Print Number

Comic books from the first printing are always the most expensive comics. Once a book becomes a hot book, manufacturers will run a second printing. Third and even forth printings are possible. Each copy is numbered. A book from a first printing with a low number will go for the most money.


A comic book should be as close to perfect as possible in order to be worth a lot of money. Comics are rated on a 10-point scale. A 10.0 book would be in mint condition.

Now that you know what makes up the most expensive comics, you can begin a collection of your own. Look for all of your favorite titles at Comic Years. They have plenty of comic information about the top superheroes from DC and Marvel as well as independent publications available.

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