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Detox Centers Are the Beginning of the Recovery Process

When you admit that you suffer from substance abuse problems and want to get help, the first course of action will be a detoxification of your body. When you drink or abuse illicit drugs, your cells and bloodstream fill up with various substances that circulate throughout your body for a certain period of time before being expelled. Some drugs can show up in blood or urine tests a few weeks or longer after having your last hit, while some expel fairly quickly. In order to insure that you begin substance abuse treatment clean and sober, detox centers in Pennsylvania will put you through a monitored detoxification process.

How Monitored Detox Works

Whether you need to detox from drugs or alcohol, monitored detox works best in an in-patient setting, such as a residential treatment center. If your addiction is severe, you will probably be prescribed medications to help you through early withdrawal symptoms. You will receive counseling and engage in activities throughout the day. Detox centers in Pennsylvania try to create activities that keep your body and mind busy during the detoxification process. This helps you focus less on the process and more on starting to recover and engage in normal, daily activities.

What Happens to Your Body During Detox?

You may fear the detox process and what will happen to you while your body adjusts to not being addicted to drugs or alcohol. You may experience a variety of different withdrawal symptoms that can include insomnia, shakes, headaches, depression, nausea, sweats, or more depending on the addiction. Medication can help lessen the severity of these symptoms, and most addicts find the process difficult but manageable with the right medications.

In some situations, medical professionals discover an underlying illness that has been masked by alcohol or drug abuse. Once you detox, a doctor can start treating your illness, which will help with the recovery process. Detox centers in Pennsylvania work to create an individualized detox process and help you achieve success for the first step of the recovery process.

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