Diagnosing and Treating Adrenal Fatigue in the Peachtree City Area Oct23


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Diagnosing and Treating Adrenal Fatigue in the Peachtree City Area

Adrenal fatigue refers to a collection of symptoms considered to be related to mental, physical or emotional stress. Conditions contributing to stress can be single parenting, shift working, difficult jobs, students who work or substance abuse.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue in Peachtree City may include difficulty sleeping or waking up, tiredness, lack of concentration, caffeine dependence or increased cravings for salt or sugar.


The root of adrenal fatigue is cited as an excessive amount of stress. Adrenal glands are organs that sit atop the kidneys. They produce hormones, such as cortisol, as a means to deal with stress. Adrenal fatigue happens when the glands can’t meet the demand for hormones during long periods of stress. Adrenal fatigue in Peachtree City is different than adrenal insufficiency, which is related to the adrenal gland’s inability to produce sufficient hormones in any case.

How to Deal With it

Among the first measures to take when dealing with adrenal fatigue are improving lifestyle and dropping the use of substances, such as alcohol, smoking or drugs. Good exercise, healthy eating and a consistent sleeping schedule will all improve a state of wellbeing in general. A sufficient supply of minerals and vitamins is also essential for good health.

Contact a Physician

A medical doctor can assess symptoms and run tests, such as thyroid and metabolic panel testing, a complete blood count, periodic cortisol testing and hormone-level testing. After the consultation, a plan of action can be formulated, which could include hormone replacement, emotional therapy and lifestyle improvements.

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