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Discover the Joy of Fellowship at Old St, Mary’s Daily Masses in Detroit

Many residents of Detroit are unaware that Old St. Mary’s is the third oldest Roman Catholic Church here. If you have recently moved to the area or are interested in rediscovering the peace and traditions of worshiping alongside other Catholic believers, consider attending any of Old St, Mary’s Daily Masses in Detroit.

OSM is the First German Church Established Here in Detroit

If you adore the rich traditions of the Roman Catholic Mass and have a desire to rediscover or learn about the German heritage here in this city, consider making Old St. Mary’s Daily Masses for Detroit residents and visitors part of your spiritual center. The original church that was built by German immigrants back in 1841 was replaced by the beautiful current structure that features the magnificent architectural work of a native architect back then named Peter Dedericks. The church also displays all the grandeur of the Victorian Gothic design style.

Find Out About Religious Education for Children

As a big part of how St Mary’s is passing on their rich traditions of worship and culture to the next generations, St Mary’s offers religious training to kids from ages 6 to 14. These classes are taught by The Sisters of Jesus the Crucified Christ. Call or visit the church website online for details.

Listen to the Inspirational Sacred Choir Music

Allow the deeply moving music of the famed Windsor’s St. Benedict Tridentine Catholic Community to soothe your soul. Contact Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

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