Discover Which Countertop Will Best Suit Your Individual Kitchen

There are several different types of kitchen countertops Miami, FL, homeowners can choose from. There are beautiful natural stones available in a variety of neutral tones and colors that look amazing in any modern kitchen. Quartz, marble, and granite are all excellent options, but how do you know which one is best for your kitchen? Use the following information to help you decide.


Quartz is a manufactured product with a luxurious finish. It offers the feeling of depth, and it is available in more color options than with natural stone. You will still find the same durability you would find with granite or concrete, but this is a non-porous surface that won’t hold bacteria or viruses. Quartz won’t chip or crack easily.


Marble is an affordable option that still provides you with a natural look. Less expensive than quartz or granite, marble is a natural stone that is resistant to breaking, cracking, and scratching. It is heat resistant, which makes it ideal near cooktops, and it is still soft enough that you can have it cut with fancier edges. Its natural formation means that each countertop is truly unique.


You can place hot items directly onto granite without harming it, and you can cut on its surface without worrying about scratches. Granite also has an easy to clean, none-porous surface. Its formation from a variety of minerals adds an unmatched character and depth to each unique countertop, and the color never fades.

Knowing a few of the benefits that come with each of the kitchen countertops Miami, FL, homeowners have available to them will help you narrow down your options. Regardless of whether you settle on quartz, marble, or granite, you are sure to have a beautiful countertop that will stand up to the test of time.

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