Discussing Your Options With Residential Roofing Contractors In Poulsbo WA Apr08


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Discussing Your Options With Residential Roofing Contractors In Poulsbo WA

For Poulsbo homeowners, the task of choosing the right roofing concept is sometimes overwhelming. After all, the roofing in which they choose must protect their property for many years to come. With such a hefty investment, the homeowner should become well-informed before making any final decisions.

Is Slate Right for Your Home?

Slate has become a popular option for homeowners in Poulsbo, WA. The roofing option is beautiful and comes in a variety of colors. The added bonus of this selection is that if it has a protective coating, it becomes resistant to substances such as algae. This eliminates the need for algae growth mitigation and could save you a considerable amount of money on repairs and maintenance.

Slate roofing lasts up to thirty years or more. This makes it well worth the cost of the initial installation. However, property owners who wish to acquire a slate roof should discuss this option fully with their residential roofing contractors in Poulsbo WA. While it is durable and aesthetically-pleasing, the product weighs more than some options. If the property isn’t built to withstand heavy-weight materials, it could cause structural problems later on.

Reviewing Dimensional Shingles

While this product is generated from similar materials as asphalt shingles, they are more durable. They are coated to prevent mildew and algae developments. The roofing products also afford homeowners with wind resistance. This prevents the impact of winds in excess of 130 miles per hour. In heavy storms, this is essential in preventing shingles from becoming ripped away and compromising the sub-roofing.

Dimensional shingles offer homeowners a thirty-year warranty in most cases. This provides adequate protection should a problem arises. However, the solid construction of the roofing material can prevent most storm damage.

As homeowners take on the task of choosing roofing materials, they gain an advantage by consulting a contractor. Through the assistance of a contractor, they determine the true benefits of a variety of concepts. This could help them choose the right option based on their unique requirements. To contact residential roofing contractors in Poulsbo WA to discuss available roofing materials and concepts, Visit the http://www.hanleyroofing.com/ today.

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