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Do Coolant Recycling Systems Really Make A Difference?

Machining and metalworking companies are often on the cutting edge of the use of new technology, although the basic forms of the work they do may not have changed for centuries. The use of advanced options in CNC machining centers, robotics for continuous feeding and operation as well as advanced software systems provides higher levels of production, tighter tolerances and even the ability to create increasingly complex parts and components.

At the same time, the challenges to the operation of this equipment still exist. No matter how advanced the technology may be to control the machining process, there is still the need for effective coolant to maximize the life of both the machines as well as the cutting tools. Finding ways to include coolant recycling systems in the workplace not only reduces the cost of replacing coolant, but it also saves the equipment.

The Recycling Advantage

All coolant used in these systems is a mixture of water and concentrate. Once mixed, it helps with lubricity for the cutting tool while also dissipating the generated heat and flushing away chips, shards, and debris from the cutting process.

With continual use, the coolant becomes contaminated, bring in tramp oils and chips which not only decrease the cooling ability but also pose additional problems for the equipment itself. Replacing cutting tools and increased maintenance requirements quickly become a significant cost factor.

The use of effective coolant recycling systems, either portable or centrally located, maintains the quality of the coolant for an extended period of time. This can dramatically reduce the cost of used coolant disposal, and it also reduces the amount of coolant concentrate required, further saving money.

Finally, the addition of coolant recycling systems helps to extend the life of the equipment. By using a simple, easy and effective system, routine cleaning of all reservoirs of coolant has a positive impact on the shop’s bottom line.

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