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Do You Need Invisalign in DC?

Many of us remember having to endure metal braces when we were teenagers, just as many do today. Apart from the pain of having them tightened and adjusted, the cosmetic drawbacks alone are enough to strike fear into the heart of every teen! The truth is that metallic braces are cumbersome and simply look unattractive. They are effective at what they do, but surely there must be a better solution for a crooked smile and misaligned teeth?

The Ideal Solution

Invisalign braces are a huge advancement over their traditional metallic counterparts. They provide the following benefits:

1. Hardly noticeable: For anyone who suffers from awkwardness over old metal braces, Invisalign technology is a godsend. Rather than clamping your smile in a metal cage, Washington DC Invisalign braces can hardly be noticed! The advantages this can bring to an emotionally-wrought teenager need hardly be discussed any further.

2. Effective: For anyone who has experienced the pain of metal braces, it is not uncommon for them to take several years to work effectively. For those who are eligible, Invisalign in DC may take as little as a single year to get the job done!

3. Comfortable: Simply put, they are just much more comfortable than metal braces. They do not scratch the inside of the mouth, and can even be removed for short periods of time so that one can eat.

4. Clean: It is very common for foods to become trapped in the network of metal that makes up traditional braces. Once these food particles become trapped, they can cause tooth decay and can even bad breath. Being able to remove your Invisalign braces means a cleaner mouth and less smelly breath!

Why opt for conventional, uncomfortable and ugly metal braces when you could have a much smoother and more comfortable experience?

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