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Documenting Details When Dealing With Agencies About Collecting Money

Sometimes, medical bills and other payments can become overwhelming. You try to make payments on the bills that you owe only to receive notices from a third party collection agency that wants the total amount paid in full within a short length of time. There are a few ways that you can deal with these agencies so that you can manage your payments without sacrificing your credit score.

Details in Writing

Get all of the information you can about the bills that you owe in writing. If the collection agency tries to tell you that you owe more than what is shown, then you’re going to have proof of the amount to give to the company. You also need to get a written agreement about any payment arrangements that you make with the agency.


After receiving a notice from a third party collection agency, you might feel that you aren’t responsible for the amount. This could be due to an insurance claim that was filed or because you have already paid the bill. You can dispute the amount and wait for a decision from the credit bureau before submitting any kind of payment to the agency.

Know the Restrictions

There are a few things that collection agencies aren’t supposed to do and can be fined for doing if you have proof that it occurs. They aren’t supposed to call you at work if you request that they don’t and have certain hours that they can call during the day. Agencies are not to use obscene language or threats when they contact you. If these incidents are occurring, then record the messages so that you have documentation of what the agents are saying.

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