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Does Your Document OCR Scanner App Meet Your Needs?

For security in all types of transactions, more and more businesses around the world are turning to technology for verification of identification. One of the most effective ways to include this technology as part of overall security is to include a document OCR document app for immediate identification and pre-filling of the required information.

The choice of the OCR document app has an impact on your business. Using a simple and streamlined app that can be customized and branded to your business provides your end-users with a simple, stress-free way to provide information.

Front and Back Scans

With most types of identification, there is a need for both a front and a back side scan. The front side of the card or document contains the picture, which can be captured and uploaded to your database for future face authentication with future logins or access requests.

Information from the front or the back side of the ID card is similarly pulled from the document and uploaded to the database. This same information can also be used to pre-fill in forms, eliminating the issue of human error in the transcription of identifying information.

Online and Offline Capability

Having the ability to use the OCR document app online and offline is a definite advantage. This solves problems of dropped internet connections or areas of limited access.

When considering an app for OCR, be sure to check the documents it can utilize. Internationals documents are not always compatible with all apps, which can create problems for a business.

The choice of the Accura Scan OCR document app provides online and offline identification for both Apple (iOS) and Android systems. To learn more, see us at accurascan.com.

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