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Dry Needling in Lafayette

Dry needling is a treatment technique that helps to reduce pain and increase function in muscle. Dry needling is often confused with acupuncture. Although there are certain similarities between the two, acupuncture is not the same dry needling in Lafayette. Dry needling is focused on pain reduction and functional restoration through the release of myofascial trigger points in the muscle. Acupuncture, on the other hand, focuses on treating medical conditions through the restoration of Qi, or energy through the body meridians. The objective of acupuncture is the restoration of balance.

A myofascial trigger point is what a layperson might call a “knot.” A knot is muscle fiber that shortened when activated but failed to return to its optimum length when it went back into its relaxed state. The typical characteristic of a knot is a sensitive nodule on a muscle. An unexpected movement, perhaps stepping off a curb that is higher than anticipated, a quick movement, stress, poor posture, and more, are all causes a myofascial trigger point. A therapist at Metropolitan Physical Therapy, LLC, uses dry needling as a method of decreasing muscular pain and restoring the muscle’s ability to lengthen and shorten normally. An extremely fine needle is inserted into the center of the knot. As a result, blood pools at the site, which, in turn, triggers the contracted muscle fibers to relax.

Dry needling is one orthopedic care therapy that a physical therapist can use to assist with rehab. Dry needling is usually a therapy that is used in combination with other techniques, including massage, manual manipulation, and exercise. People suffering from long-term tendon, muscle, or joint pain as well as chronic back problems should seek orthopedic care. PTs play a role in the accurate diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions. PTs treat sports-related injuries and joint problems and handle everything from a minor injury such as an ankle sprain to far more complex issues.

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