Elegant Eyebrows Through Microblading Services In Ft. Worth

Eyebrows are a beautiful frame for the eyes, and they also create harmony and balance to the entire face. When eyebrows become thin and sparse, there can be a noticeable change in the appearance of the individual.

Both men and women experiencing thinning of the eyebrows have had few options for help in the past. Daily application of makeup to darken the color of the brows was the only option for most people in Ft. Worth as well as across the country.

Today, there is a much better and more authentic looking option. The microblading process is a semi-permanent way to have your eyebrows thickened or even fully developed using natural pigments that are artfully created to look like individual hairs.

The Process

When working with a highly experienced professional using microblading, the ideal shape, thickness and length of the individual brow hairs are developed specifically to the client. This includes subtle coloring of the brows to complement the skin tone, hair color, and any existing brows.

The professional uses a specially designed, sterilized tool that just slightly causes a very fine scratch on the surface of the skin. The pigment is then applied, and the result is a perfect replica of a real eyebrow hair. By drawing each hair individually, this is a very lifelike and natural look, not at all like the heavy lines that are distinctive with eyebrow tattooing.

A topical anesthesia is used during the process. Full healing takes about a week, but clients can resume their normal work and lives the day after the procedure with no indication the process has been completed.

The Results

The results of professionally completed microblading can last up to two years. The pigment is placed just below the surface of the skin, and as the cells shed the brows naturally become fainter over time. This varies based on the skin color, the individual and other factors.
The process can be repeated to maintain the brows as needed. When done by a professional it is a safe, painless and beautiful way to have the brows you have always wanted.

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