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Emergency Animal Care in Alexandria VA

Pets have been considered man’s best friend for decades, but are now more familiarly referred to as members of the family. Nowadays, pet owners want to do the best by their pets, and spoil them like children. This has caused the pet care industry to expand rapidly, opening new doors to extend several medical and cosmetic services to those beloved animals. A company in the pet care industry has a mission to ensure the health and quality care of your pet. It couldn’t be an easier task to find corrective and Emergency Animal Care in Alexandria VA.

Health and Wellness

Wellness visits for preventative vaccines, medications for fleas, heartworms and other parasites, check-ups, and blood work are available for regular health maintenance. Minor surgeries for spays, neuters, declawing and growth removal can be scheduled by appointment. For more serious procedures, doctors will walk the pet owner through the process ahead of the time to ensure the comfort of the animal. Dental care services are offered as well to ensure the health and quality of your pet’s teeth.

Cosmetic Maintenance

Veterinary clinics regard the importance of amenity and tidiness of an animal as highly as they do medical examinations. Grooming services for the fur involve bathing, brush outs and mat removal. For more sensitive skin, a special medicated bath is used. Coats can also be trimmed or shaved to the owner’s liking. Maintenance like nail trimming, ear cleaning, and plucking are also done in these establishments.

Boarding Options

Whether you’re going out of town for a vacation or a work meeting, boarding options are available for the loving care of your animal. Comfortable staying accommodations, and quality meals are given to each pet during their stay. Those with specific diets can remain on them even while boarded. Animals will be allowed ample playtime and exercise walks. Medical attention is consistently on-sight as well.

A quality clinic’s goal is to care for your pet as if it were there own. Ensure your pet’s health and comfort with the expert services and Emergency Animal Care in Alexandria VA by doing the research into an animal hospital near you. Visit Hayfieldanimalhospital.com for more information.

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