Engagement Rings: Tips for Buying Diamonds in Colorado Springs May30


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Engagement Rings: Tips for Buying Diamonds in Colorado Springs

Engagement rings are a representation of both a promise and pure love. Most engagement rings feature one or more diamonds. The right diamond will last for a lifetime. There are many things to consider when buying diamonds in Colorado Springs.

Pick the Cut

Diamonds are sold in a wide variety of cuts. Every cut is designed to showcase the natural beauty of the diamond. When choosing a cut for an engagement ring, the buyer should consider the taste of the recipient.

Round cut diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings. This timeless cut maximizes the brilliance of the diamond. When light hits the stone, it bounces off in many directions, creating an eye-catching effect.

The square princess cut is also popular with those who like a modern style and clean lines. A long marquise cut can make smaller diamonds look larger. Other cuts include emerald, oval, and even heart shaped.

Budget for Clarity

The price of diamonds in Colorado Springs varies greatly depending on the clarity of the stone. Clarity ratings are determined by the number of inclusions, or defects, that are found in the diamond. Some inclusions are invisible to the naked eye, while others are easily spotted.

Flawless stones are the most expensive and also the rarest. Stones rated VVS (very, very slightly included) or VS (very slightly included) have small inclusions that can only be seen under 10x magnification. SI (slightly included) and I (included) rated stones are the most affordable, but the blemishes may affect the brilliance of the stone.

Consider Carat Weight

Diamonds are sized according to carat weight. Most people think that bigger is better when choosing a diamond for an engagement ring. This is not always the case. A large diamond that has many blemishes is not worth as much as a smaller stone that is flawless.

When choosing a diamond size, consider who will be wearing it. Someone who works with their hands may find a large stone bothersome. A person who wears flashy jewelry on a regular basis, however, may appreciate a diamond with a higher carat weight.

A beautiful diamond is the perfect addition to any engagement ring. When buying a diamond, consider the cut, clarity, and carat weight of the stone. Contact us for more information on choosing the best engagement ring for your loved one.

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