Engineering Jobs Boom Across Canada, Edmonton

The number of engineering degrees awarded in Canada has shown robust growth in recent years. In 2017, for example, 15,614 students graduated with a degree in engineering. By comparison, just 12,666 were awarded four years earlier in 2013. The number of engineers is growing in Canada at greater than a 20% clip.

This reflects a vast and burgeoning engineering industry across Canada. That includes engineering companies in Edmonton. The provincial capital of Alberta is oil country, of course, and petroleum engineers have traditionally been in high demand there.

But recent suppressed oil prices have been challenging Edmonton for several years. So its surprising to note that the engineering companies Edmonton outlook is probably better than ever. That’s the because city and business leaders of Edmonton have recognized that their region, for too long, has placed too many eggs in the petroleum basket.

Thus, “economic diversity” is the most important buzz term in western Canada today. Demand is growing for civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and software engineers. But the realm of new technologies is where all the real excitement is being generated.

The engineering companies Edmonton focus has turned heavily to such fields as AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotics, drone technology, automated assembly lines, 3D printing/modeling and virtual reality. The biomedical sector is also on the rise.

Furthermore, Canadian industry observers point out that the work force for aerospace engineers, electrical engineers and marine/naval engineers is 25% composed of workers who are age 55 or older. That means a lot of retirements are looming. That will create opportunities for new graduates to come in an fill the gap.

Finally, there is a bright spot to the low oil prices. The development of renewable energies is experiencing explosive growth as new methods of generating power replace the old. Engineering jobs in that sector are in high demand.

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