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Enlisting Help From A Veterinarian In Bowie

When a dog owner finds that their pet has consumed a poisonous substance, immediate steps will need to be taken to ensure proper treatment is administered. Most people will bring their dog to a veterinarian in Bowie as soon as possible. Here are some steps that can be taken beforehand to help in keeping the dog comfortable and to aid with getting fast medical intervention.

Call The Veterinarian First

It is best to give a call to a veterinarian before transporting to the dog to their facility. This way the type of poison can be analyzed to help in making a decision on how the dog should be treated when they get to the medical practice. The veterinarian will ask a series of questions to find out the status of the dog before they arrive. They will make recommendations on how the owner can keep the dog comfortable while in transit as well.

Bring The Poison Along

Taking the poisonous substance to the medical facility so it can be assessed upon arrival will be helpful to the veterinarian on-duty. They will be able to look at the list of ingredients on the packaging and decide how the dog should be treated so it does not suffer as a result. Some substances will require the inducing of vomiting. At the time of the phone call, the veterinarian may ask the dog’s owner to read the ingredients to them so they can decide if this will be necessary. Other poisons could cause damage to the dog’s throat if vomiting is induced. For this reason, having the pertinent details about the poison on-hand is extremely important.

Keep The Dog Comfortable

To aid in keeping a dog comfortable, someone else can go along to keep the dog calm as it is being transported. This person can pet the dog and talk to it in a soothing voice as it rests on their lap or on a blanket in the vehicle bringing it to an emergency facility.

When there is a need to see a veterinarian in Bowie, going to one that handles emergency situations will be necessary. Contact Gambrills Veterinary Center to find out more.

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