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Essential Oils That Can Help You Overcome Fear in Leadership

Many people who strive to become good leaders face fear. They may worry they won’t be good enough or they won’t succeed. Leadership coaching helps overcome these fears. Essential oils is one of many tools that some leadership coaches use to help their clients develop confidence and overcome their fears. You can find leadership coaching in Lancaster that teaches about essential oils and other interesting techniques for becoming a calm, confident leader in your life.


Fennel essential oil is known to help people feel responsible and overcome the fear of failure. It also encourages positive thinking and improves mental clarity. Many people enjoy its floral, herbal aroma. Ancient Greeks and Romans used fennel to feel more courageous. This essential oil also provides physical benefits, including improved circulation, better digestion and increased stamina.


If you have ever used cleaning products with lemon in them, you probably know how refreshing the scent is. Lemon essential oil is perfect for clearing your mind, energizing your spirit and boosting creativity. When you are feeling scared or worried, lemon essential oil can improve your mood and give you the energy you need to keep moving forward.

Sweet Basil

Sweet basil essential oil is excellent for calming your mind, improving the quality of your sleep, increasing mental clarity and improving your memory. It strengthens your spirit, so you can have more confidence and drive in your life. Whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed or drained, sweet basil essential oil can rejuvenate you. Basil has been highly valued for over 2,500 years. In Greek, the herb is referred to as “royal plant.”

The best leadership coaching in Lancaster takes a holistic approach to guiding you in being a good leader. An easy way of improving your leadership abilities is using essential oils. Fennel, lemon and sweet basil essential oils are three of the most effective essential oils in overcoming fear in leadership.

Immerse Wellness offers holistic leadership coaching to help you achieve greater success in your career and leave a positive impact on the world. Get in touch with us at immersewellness.com and learn more about how our leadership coaches incorporate essential oils to help provide a natural “boost” for personal growth.

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