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Exercise for Seniors Promotes Long-Lasting Health Benefits

Aging is inevitable. Balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength are elements that help keep seniors on the positive side of health. These elements can be attained through regular exercise for seniors in Colleyville, TX.

Health Benefits

Studies have shown regular exercise for seniors in Colleyville, TX, improves your immune system, assists in digestion and regular elimination and improves bone density, as well as help, curb chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, obesity, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

Health Assessment

First things first. You don’t know how much you can do or what to shoot for if you don’t have your health assessed first. After an initial health assessment, which includes going over any problem issues like bad knees, back or hips and going over any medical restrictions your doctor has set, their professionals can create an exercise plan tailored to you.

Balance and Coordination

In your initial health assessment, an exercise for seniors in Colleyville, TX facility will look at your balance and how coordinated you are. Walking in a straight line, walking with sudden moves to the left and right, picking up very light weight and placing it in another area will help gauge your balance and coordination. Other tests can also be used to help assess your exercise needs.

Flexibility and Strength

Bending over to touch your toes might be a goal to strive for, or maybe you can easily touch them with no pain or soreness, which shows your flexibility. Using hand weights of varying weights and doing routine exercises helps assess your strength as you build muscle.

Variety Is Key to Senior Exercise

While there are plenty of benefits to be had in doing routine exercises, what will help keep it fresh and interesting is variety. Using free weights, exercise machines, stationary cycling or resistance bands make exercise fun.

To learn more about exercise for seniors in Colleyville, TX, contact FFL Colleyville.

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