Eyeglasses: Today’s Must-Have Accessory Mar18


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Eyeglasses: Today’s Must-Have Accessory

A few generations ago, many people, especially young people, wouldn’t be caught dead wearing glasses. In today’s fashion-conscious society, people are on the look-out for the next fashion trend and want to keep track of the evolving styles. Eyeglasses have become so mainstream that even people who do not need corrective lenses are wearing them. Why would they want to? To create a certain look or image like that of being studious, intelligent and even sexy. Helping spur this trend are celebrities like Ellen Degeneres, Madonna, and Bob Dylan, as well as journalists and the media’s talking heads.

New York City, recognized as a fashion haven for clothing designers, is also home to several Glasses Frames in New York City. People are on every street in the Big Apple, proudly wearing their coveted pair of Chanel, Prada, Thom Brown or Gucci designer eyeglasses. Whether they actually need to wear eyeglasses is irrelevant. These fashion-conscious, trend-setting individuals wear their high-end designer eyeglasses to the office, shopping downtown, or for a night on the town.

When deciding on Glasses Frames in New York City for your first or twentieth pair of eyeglasses, check out Charlottejonesopticians.com for an extensive selection of fashionable eyewear. Eyeglass manufacturers have responded to the consumer’s demand for fashionable, high-end eyewear, with frames in every design, color, shape, and size imaginable.

Do you desire over-sized frames, with thick plastic and bright color, or perhaps you are partial to the barely-there “rimless” eyeglasses? The materials commonly used for eyeglass frames are metal, plastic, and titanium. Memory metal frames are popular with active individuals or those that take their glasses off frequently.

Eyeglass frames are classified according to frame type: full frames, semi-rimless, and rimless eyeglasses. Full frame eyeglasses offer the most protection to the lenses. Semi-rimless frames are a nice middle ground between full frame and rimless eyeglasses, offering a touch of subtlety and style. According to the American Optometric Association, rimless eyeglass frames have led the market in sales for the last decade. Wearing rimless eyeglasses is almost like not wearing glasses at all due to their light weight, comfort, and near-invisibility.

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