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Eyelid Plastic Surgery to Improve Vision

It is common for aging adults to notice visual problems, but not all impairments can be solved with a new pair of glasses. More and more patients are finding that as they age, their eyelids stretch and the muscles supporting them weaken causing excess fat to gather above and below the eyelids. Besides making the person look much older, it causes a reduction in peripheral vision.

Medical professionals have discovered that patients are seeing success by undergoing eyelid plastic surgery. Grand Rapids Ophthalmology Clinics specialize in removing the excess skin, muscle and fat that encumbers field of vision and employ medical doctors that are often affiliated with The American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

What is Ptosis?
Patients with eyelids that sag to the point it causes obstruction in their peripheral vision are known to suffer from Ptosis. Although their central vision may be fine, most complain that loss of field of vision creates a sensation of “tunnel vision” making it difficult to see in dim light and navigate while walking or driving a vehicle.

A simple visual field test conducted by a licensed optometrist will be able to determine the cause, severity and recommend various treatments. But if those do not work, medical professionals practicing in the Grand Rapids area recommend patients consider undergoing a surgical procedure commonly referred to as blepharoplasty.

Seeing is Believing
The outpatient procedure is often performed by an ophthalmologist or an oculoplastic surgeon and if considered medically necessary, is covered by most insurance companies. In addition to improving the field of vision, blepharoplasty can make eyes appear fresh and bright rather than tired and stressed.

As With Any Surgery, Know the Risks
To remove excess skin from the eyelids requires a specific surgical procedure and with it can come to the possibility of certain complications such as excessive bleeding, infection, adverse reaction to the anesthetic or the formation of scars. Risks specifically associated with a blepharoplasty treatment include, but are not limited to temporary swelling and blurred vision, acne, and unbalanced healing.

In rare cases patients reported a loss of eyelashes, skin over the eyelid, or noticed a blood clot forming behind the eyeball. So, weigh the risks along with the benefits when choosing to undergo eyelid plastic surgery.

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